I have had experience in attending many networking events on the Gold Coast, many of which have the same old format and business card pushing culture, which really is not me or how I like to promote my business. I completely removed myself from the networking 'circuit' as I was so disheartened.

To me, New Beginnings is a breath of fresh air - it is firstly a place to connect with other like minded individuals who are working on creating their best life, both personally and professionally, and the speakers reflect this notion - its not all about business, it is about being happy and investing in your wellbeing as well.

For me, what has naturally presented from these genuine new connections is the transfer of business, and development of trusted referral partners. I have been attending New Beginnings for almost a year now and have benefited not only by obtaining great new clients, but also amazing friends. I am proud to be a sponsor of these events and all that Jacki Hendy stands for in making a difference to this 'networking' pillar of marketing.

Cassandra Voller

Registered Trade Marks Attorney // Director


I have been attending this event for over 12 months, and recently even decided to sponsor the event. 

As an entrepreneur I am not so much interested in “the what” when it comes to other people’s businesses. Rather, I look to “the why.” I’m not so concerned that I can buy a particular service from somebody. I can buy similar services from many people. The thing that engages me is why I should buy it from them. Is the vendor passionate? Do they have a meaningful purpose which is greater than themselves? 

It’s people’s stories that attract me. Whether the story be beautiful, joyful, or painful - or all three.... It’s the story behind the business, or the person that attracts me to use their services, or more often than not, become their friend. 

New Beginnings provides, “the why” behind the business owner time and time again. Listening to other people’s inspirational stories reinforces to me why I do what I do. Everyone at New Beginnings wants to make a change. We all want to leave a legacy. 

Jacki and New Beginnings connect inspirational people with inspirational people, and in doing so, spread ripples of inspiration through the Gold Coast and beyond. 

Here’s to New Beginnings!

Dr Dan Hanson BDS

Holistic Dentist - www.healdentalcare.com.au

Breathing Educator - www.buteyko.info

International Lecturer - www.myoresearch.com

Children's Early Orthodontics Principal Dentist - www.myobrace.com

Founder and author of leading head aches, sleep apnoea and orthodontics website - www.dentalbraces.com.Au


I have found the New Beginnings experience extremely rewarding in terms of strengthening my business network on the Gold Coast and making invaluable connections which has enhanced our ability to utilise local suppliers in our business. Further to this, New Beginnings is able to create strong connections with like minded individuals who have more at stake - and more in their hearts - than just making money. New Beginnings is about helping people really make a difference to their environments and sharing experiences and concerns to overall make the world we share just that little bit better

Melinda Richards

Director & CEO
Super Sprout


New Beginnings is many different things, but at its heart it is about a realisation or re-awakening about what if most important in life....relationships. Relationships with loved ones, with friends, with business colleagues and clients. It’s also about maintaining strength in those relationships by acting with generosity of spirit and in a way that is caring, respectful, fair and ethical. Jacki Hendy as the creator of the New Beginnings forum is the embodiment of this approach to business and life. Jacki acts in a way that is genuine and from the heart, spirit and soul. 

At one point or another we have our very own New Beginnings experience. Where life has given us the chance to start a new direction, experience or purpose. When it happens embrace it and if it seems a little daunting then trust in yourself and your key relationships and forge ahead. Experience a New Beginnings event and see what it means to you....

Rhys Evans


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