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Jacki Hendy
Founder of New Beginnings

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An authentic and inspiring corporate networking forum for small to medium enterprise and entrepreneurs that shoots straight from the heart!

At New Beginnings we embrace a mindset of contribution and generosity of spirit, looking at what we can give, rather than what we can get. The natural outcome being more powerful productive and profitable businesses.

Meet purpose driven like minded people with a desire to make a difference while creating new opportunities for business.

If you want to build more powerful and strategic business relationships New Beginnings Networking Breakfast with Jacki Hendy´╗┐ is for you!

» Find out about our breakfast format here.

To me, New Beginnings is a breath of fresh air - it is firstly a place to connect with other like minded individuals who are working on creating their best life, both personally and professionally, and the speakers reflect this notion - its not all about business, it is about being happy and investing in your wellbeing as well. Read more...

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